This 3-story exterior mural was designed with the children of the Marie Reed Center in mind.  Their playground lies directly across the street and is a visual game composed of a selection of DC’s (not so) hidden treasures of nature, music, fashion and the city’s many cultural flavor centers. Test your knowledge - how many items you can identify? 

Shout outs: Mr. Chuck Brown, Human Rights aka HR, the Bad Brains, Ibu EnnyInfinite, the dancers & drummers of Malcolm X Park, Sam ‘The Man’ Burns, Stylus Chris and the whole 12” Dance Records Family, WPFW, Dave Nada and the Moombahton Massive Crew, DC’s Skate Or Die youth, our beautiful Ethiopian & El Salvadorean massives, Emmanuelle Khanh, Julia’s Empanadas, DC’s thriving feral cat colonies, the acrobatic rodents of Champorama Park, the Wu-Tang Clan, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

This mural was created through the Murals DC program in its 2011 season.  Murals DC is a partnership between the District’s Department of Public Works, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and Words Beats & Life Inc.  The program was initiated in 2007 by Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham.

Photographer: Arijit Das
Producer: Cory L. Stowers
Assistants: Matas Yongvongphaiboon, Ernesto Zelaya, Jason Philp, Arijit Das, Chaka Freeman

‘Every Day I See Something New’ 
30′ x 40′ latex roll and Montana enamel spray paints on concrete
Located at the corner of Kalorama Road & Champlain Street NW, Adams Morgan in Washington DC

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